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 "never try and teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and just annoys the pig"


The purpose of this site is to help men improve the quality of their lives with women and dating. The information and collection of articles are geared to 3 specific categories with the mindset that you have to have "all" of them handled before you can attract and keep your "Total 10".

1-Dating and Techniques : The bread and butter. The skills to learn in order for better success with women and attraction. Both On and Offline

2-Inner Game : The way you think and your "inner" dialogue. Building up confidence and your internal assets so you can approach life in more productive ways. What goes on inside of us is a direct reflection of what happens on the outside.

3-Health and Fitness: Staying sharp physically is just as important as staying sharp mentally.


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This site will help you overcome blocks and weed out those limiting beliefs that you may currently have stuck inside. Some men have a much easier time and are referred to as "naturals", but most men do not fit in this category anyway and the skills and mindset must be learned.

I don't care where you live and what type of background you have, every guy out there can learn to get better with the opposite sex.

This site is meant to serve as a reference or a guide as to what is possible through changing your thought patterns and behavior. It's also for entertainment and so please have tons of fun with it. Mainly written for men, women are welcome to take anything from this and contribute as well.


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