Online Dating : Step by Step for Men ( a douche rocket’s guide )

*Sick and disgusted with your dating life ???

*As a single man, have you ever suffered from any of these

Online Dating For Men frustrations?

You find your online experiences are not working as well as you thought?

You’re wondering what to say to women online whom you find attractive.

Struggling with getting quality pictures of yourself to spark her attention?

You cannot seem to write a unique profile that stands out from among the sheep?

You deal with a lot of rejection from women or “no replies” back?

Women are not finding you interesting or physically attractive?

You are wondering what the other guy succeeding has that you don’t have?

Struggling with emails and number closes?

Having no luck whatsoever keeping pretty girls interested?

You feel like you are wasting your money every month on membership fees and looking for the right answers?

Lost for solutions and nowhere to turn?

Frustrated as hell ?

What are the answers?mean-guy

….It’s simple. You need to get yourself a copy of my new book.


Online Dating

Step by Step for Men :

(the complete douche rocket’s “how to” guide)


*365 pages buy

MAIN QUESTION : Have you ever emailed 50 or more women in one week and … never heard back from a single one of them?

*In the book, I will discuss getting the most out of your online experience with women and go in depth on what to do and most importantly – what NOT to be doing!

It’s all about increasing your chances of success in this crapshoot world of cyberspace. Learn it just like anything else worthwhile.

This book is written for MEN but Women can benefit from it as well.

First and foremost, it’s for newbies & guys who are currently experiencing no success (yet seeking the proven answers).

Did I mention it’s jammed with a ton of information that the average “how to book” will leave out?

Warning : Explicitly themed and laced with adult language!

It is raw, honest, unapologetic and in your face the way men love to learn. Not for the faint of heart or the easily offended cupcake.

Hot topics included

History of online dating and why it is so important. Attraction and how it all works. Doing the counter intuitive (opposite) is usually what works best.

What women are most attracted to online and off! We will examine the “naturals” and what to learn from guys that are good with women. Confidence and working on“you” first.

“Fitness Indicators” of all successful men. Lots of inner game stuff and proper mindsets to learn from. Daily work required and putting the time aside to devote to it.

How to write a profile that no other guy is writing. Why you need to live where the action is. It’s all about location, location, location.

Polarity among the sexes and why it always sustains attraction. Standard things to remember when you write women and why “cocky funny” is always a good idea

What your options are to get the very best pictures of yourself online. Best types of ONLINE smiles with plenty of examples.

Female body types, what they really mean, and how women lie like the plague! Approval seeking & neediness and how to kick it to the curb.

Evicting your inner wussy once and for all! Handling rejection and the odds of success with women and dating. Plenty of practical exercises such as “creating a hot girl dummy profile” and understanding how most men treat women online that gets zero results.

Why “girls on not online looking to get laid ” and why you must knock this into your brain. How a standard “hot girl” views you and most other guys.

The “3 rules” mindset and remembering them at all times. Writing compelling copy & paste emails and storing everything the smart way.

Who to target? ( the girls who view you, your daily matches, and your customized searching options ). Examples of different women reacting in different ways to one CARBON COPY email. Why follow up emails are a smart idea

Making up winning headlines. My personal formula for writing women and my very best openers from the goodie bag.

Keep tally logs of sites you are on, membership info, phone numbers from girls, names/ages, “in person meetings”, all your sexual encounters, women you are talking to and the good the bad and the ugly!

Good and bad examples of pictures & emailing (from men and women ). Standard Red Flags with women and what to watch out for.

Specific roles models and TV shows to learn from. Style, dress and why keeping it simple is best.

Why it is a good idea to hire a photographer for your pictures. Why being a player is a good thing and everything you ever wanted to know about living in abundance mentality!

Being honest about what works for you and what doesn’t. Learning to make decisions based on your “gut” very quickly.

Saying NO to women and being the selector online. The “only place” to set up the 1st meeting and other backup ideas. The Do’s and DO NOT’S of it all.

After you get good, how to double and triple book meetings in 1 day. Avoiding the nasty emails to her with plenty of douche rocket examples.

How to get her number and get it quickly to move off the computer. How long you should talk, why you must talk on the phone once, and why texting is bad.

The best sites for success and my list of dating & advice education materials to invest in.

Props, contracts, and magic. ……and much more! buy


What’s included?

*An upfront, kick in your teeth approach backed up with proven content. Did I mention zero fluff?

*An 365 page PDF ebook of priceless information & pictures based on over 14 years of real life online dating experience.

*An MP3 audio version of it all for guys who learn better by listening on the go. 8.5 hours of content

*Practical exercises to go with chapters.

*Links & reviews to other dating advice products related to getting better with women online or offline.cdcaseblankdisc

paperbackbookstandingVisit my E-Store for direct downloads

*Paperback version

*Amazon Kindle version 

This is what works and well…simply what doesn’t.

Use it as a guide and something you can always come back to when single.

Do you need a serious kick in the ass? This is the book that will do it!

What are you waiting for?

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